Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kachina Clowns

It's been a while since Nancy and Ruddell Laconsello stopped by our house for coffee and to show us their latest pieces. Sandy just happened to find this beautiful bolo, buckle set at Ray's Trading Company here in Gallup a few days ago. I particularly like this set because kachina clowns are boisterous, satirical, watermelon-loving gluttons who love to act with laughter-provoking comic spin in real life Hopi and Zuni ceremonial festivities; and as always, Laconsello work is always highly collectible as jewelry art. I look forward to going to Hopi Reservation this weekend on a major buying trip. Seems that Kachina dances are ongoing every time I visit, but I've not had a chance to attend in the past few years. Stay tuned.