Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cody's Gold & Silver Storyteller Bolos

Cody Hunter's multi-dimensional silver overlay silver work is the best I have ever seen. His superior work is scare and very hard to find. I have tried without success to contact him to buy directly. I do not blame him for being so elusive for even in our current deep recession, I image he has more demand than he can fulfill. His works speaks for itself. The detail in the 4 layers of silver overlay is stunning. Note the individuals sitting at the fire in the outdoor ramada in the detail inset. In the bottom piece you can see the silversmith at work in the covered area next to his traditional Navajo hogan. The bottom bolo shows its only 14K gold radiance as the glowing sun. The 14K gold in the top piece is distributed throughout on the petroglyphic depictions. These pieces are a treasure hunter's delight. The last piece I had by Cody was a similarly portrayed Western belt buckle. I was saddened when it sold. I plan to test drive at least of the bolos above. Although Cody's work is expensive by Native American jewelry standards, I think it is relatively cheap given its museum quality and one-of-a-kind handcraft dazzle. The top bolo carries a price tag of $1995, the bottom piece $1399. For impression neck wear, forget your very vulnerable cloth ties that can be slayed with a mere errant drop of mustard. Click or even double click on the image above for better detail.