Sunday, April 11, 2010

Navajo Cosmic Kokopelli Reversible Pendant

Today upon our return from the New Mexico Jemez Mountains where we went to visit our week old Grandson, Bodhi Azure, Sandy and I stopped by Sunrise Indian Jewelry. We discovered Solomon and his wife preparing some freshly minted Native American jewelry for a dealer-only formal showing at the Oasis gift show at the Albuquerque Convention Center this coming weekend. This exquiste pendant caught my attention immediately. Note the flute playing Kokopelli perched on the ledge of sandstone that dominates the scenic reservation lands of the Navajo. The moon, stars and streaking comet accentuate the night. This is a collaborative piece. The silver is Calvin Begay's design, but the real artisan who deserves great credit is a heretofore little known inlay Navajo artist, John Duboise whom I've not yet met. The stones include black jet, lab opal, and jasper. This unique hand-crafted piece is a definite candidate for my best find of the year. Note this dimunitive masterwork measuring 2 inches from bale to the 3/4 inch base appears perfect; the image here shows some slight glare. Price $599.