Saturday, April 24, 2010

Addicted to Kachina

After writing up the previous blog, I went in search of a new name brand piece of Zuni jewelry to feature. I found a found a fine bolo buckle set to write about, then on my way out of the wholesale showroom I caught a glimpse of this version of Mogwu, the Great Horned Owl Katchina, a constant favorite of Hopi kachina carvers. These fine warring owls often appear in mixed kachina dances and serve to discipline the clowns who can get outrageously out of control. I am concerned that I am falling into addiction once again with these masterful carvings of cottonwood root. Hopi Kachina's begin at around $200. The elaborate intricately carved large blue ribbon winners command prices often in excess of $10,000. This guy was marked $1000. I am tempted to start buying them for retail sale, but I am concerned about their fragility on shipping. When you see a Kachina take note of the jewelry they wear. This owl is wearing four turquoise items. It may be hard to find Hopi jewelry for sale in Gallup, but Hopi Ceremonial Kachina carvings are plentiful.