Sunday, November 2, 2008

Don Platero's Sterling Silver Salad Set

The Navajo spoon emerged as an object of national passion as commemorative spoons became part of the silverware on proper Victorian tables throughout America. Most of the spoons produced by Navajo silversmiths were bought up by train tourists. Over successive decades these forged and hammered spoons were eventually refined into cherished ornate works worthy of the King's table. The craze began to wane around 1915 then enjoyed a resurgence of popularity during the 1920s only to come crashing down in the depression years when setting a fancy table setting lost it's meaning as rolicking good times gave way to widespread economic depair. Don Platero deserves much credit for carving his place in the interesting history of the Navajo Cultlery luminated in scholarly fashion by Cindra Kine in her beautifully illustrated book, NAVAJO SPOONS. A neighbor of Don's tells me that Don often works late into the night sometimes in melodious fashion as his hammer pounds out the best in modern silverware available today. Salad Set illustrated is set with natural Turquoise Mountain cabachons. Cost $659.