Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gallup's Annual Inter-Tribal Ceremony 2010

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On my way about Gallup today, it occurred to me that I had written up the piece on the Santa Fe Indian Market, but failed to even think of encouraging my blog readers to consider attending the 89th Gallup Annual Inter-Tribal Ceremony. I intended to stop by the Chamber of Commerce to see if there were any promotional materials, such as postcards or the annual poster was available for distribution, but minor distractions led me to forget to check. I felt a bit down this evening having a time-sensitive subject without an image until I remembered the picture above which I shot for the Joe Viesti & Associates stock files just a few months ago. Wow, I believe this image of a large mural on one of Gallup's downtown building-side makes a great promotional piece. Besides its brillant, full color beauty, I appreciate the accuracy and comprehensive detail in portraying the arts we so enjoy here in Gallup. This year's ceremony will be held August 11-15. Now is the time to reserve a room since a single day here is just not enough for the full experience and lodging choices outside of Gallup are very distant even by our vast Western standards. I might add that one of my all time favorite visual memories is from 1980, it was the Zuni High School band marching in the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremony Parade. Their decorative jewelry, most silver, was amazing and unforgettable.