Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dan Jackson's Master Rug Design Jewelry

Dan Jackson's father was a master silversmith, his mother a rug weaver. Dan is widely known for his rug pattern based jewelry which always stands apart as distinguished and prize-winning. I've only met him on one occasion, that was a couple of years ago at the Santa Fe Indian Market. I really enjoyed hearing the story about the time he and wife attended a rodeo. She was all dressed up in Dan's radiantly fine jewelry. A lady from New England approached her and proffered a large bundle of cash for the complete set of jewelry for an on the spot immediate exchange. She graciously accepted. No one has told me the exact amount that changed hands that day; the sum probably grows with each telling of the story. Dan's exquisite silver work is not cheap. This Ganado rug style hatband carries a price tag of $1250.