Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alfred Martinez

Beautiful, just beautiful. This dazzling sterling silver bracelet set with coveted number 8 turquoise was forged at the workbench of Alfred Martinez. Uncle Augustino Largo taught him how to work silver when he was still a kid. Alfred's own personal favorite smith is Calvin Mariano, his older brother, who works beside him making similarly beautiful pieces. Most any day they can both be found producing fine classical style silver products in the workroom of Desert Indian Traders here in Gallup. I asked Alfred what silversmith he most admires 2nd to his brother. He said that would be Robert Kelly. Alfred is a quiet Navajo man who is quick to flash a broad, friendly smile. He told me he most enjoys dabbling in car mechanics when he's not busy working silver. This lifetime treasure bracelet is very reasonably priced at $399.