Saturday, May 8, 2010

Strolling Santa Fe

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Sandy and I often travel the 190 miles from Gallup to Santa Fe for rest, recreation, and awe-inspiring gourmet food that's hard to get back home. I also like to get an overview of our regional Native artist's presence in the town, now recognized the world over as a tourist mecca. Today, on our way to the Georgia O'Keeffe museum, I fixated on the jewelry display in this shop window. Most of the work is by Gallup based artists I know. In fact, I see through to Gallup again and again as I gaze through the many store windows and jewelry display cases throughout the plaza of Santa Fe and I am thankful our artists have this fabulous world-class showcase. This evening we hope to follow-up our museum visit by sharing a bowl of popcorn as we watch the 2009 biopic, Georgia O'Keeffe, about her and husband Alfred Steiglitz.