Sunday, May 2, 2010

Halona Plaza, Back from Zuni Pueblo, Part 4

This is it, the only place to stay in Zuni. The B&B accessible from the back is real charmer. They offer 5 rooms, each is small but very clean and pleasant. A really nice touch was the pink woolen Pendleton Chief Joseph blanket I found at the foot of my bed. Breakfast made to order was wonderful. The Plaza store is like a mini Super-Walmart. It has a deli specializing in fried chicken, a meat market with fresh cut mutton and beef, cooking pots and pans, bolts of fabric, Pendleton blankets, yarn, all manner of non-prescription drugs, toys, Zuni breads, and best of all raw stones for jewelers including turquoise, jet, abalone, and mother of pearl. It also has those ancient creaky plank wooden floors. I'll be taking Sandy back in a few weeks. She can't wait to go now that I've tested and given high approval. And, best of all for us, this hidden jewel of Zuni is a mere 50 minutes from our home in Gallup.