Monday, May 17, 2010

Fossil Bracelet

This unique bracelet created by the well known Navajo silversmith P.J. Begay is a paleontologist's delight. The 14 teardrop amber (fossilized tree resin) cabochons complement the bracelet's fossiliferous stone centerpiece. Getting a stone to show a fossil creature is a challenge because of the time demands and high material wastage in finding a satisfactory slice to reveal the prehistoric contents in a display worthy manner and shape. This bracelet has bezels set on an open frame created from 3 adjoined strands of heavy gauge half dome sterling silver wire. A bonus feature is the clearly visible sawdust behind the amber cabochons-click on image for more detail. Sawdust has been used for the backing of stones since the inception of the bezel holder. The price tag on this amazingly unique piece is $499. Be discreet in wearing around your geology friends for they will surely covet your rare find.