Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dowa Yalanee (Corn Mountain) - Back from Zuni, Part 2

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I think my roof-top simultaneous view of Corn Mountain, bathed in the golden soft light of late afternoon transformed my first rain dance into a visual experience that seemed heaven nurtured. An onlooker sitting ring-side on the lower roof in the time of the vintage photograph of the previous post would probably not have seen Corn Mountain. This mountain rises to an elevation of 7,235 feet and has served not only as a spiritual landmark, but also as place of refuge as occurred in 1540 when Coronado descended on the Zuni lands.

As the rain-dance began to conclude for the night, I ran back across the Zuni River to my pickup and raced to catch the light on Dowa Yalanee before nightfall descended. The hustle was unnecessary, I had plenty of time, but the clouds are often unpredictable and the light at risk of going flat. As I looked back, I saw the rain clouds moving in. This morning the ground was soaked with wet snow.