Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ruddell Laconsello's Sea Serpent

Kolowissi (Serpent of the Sea), is a benevolent, Zuni mythological character and one Ruddell likes to set in silver. This past weekend, as I just recently wrote in this blog, I met up with him at the pueblo dances in Zuni. The event was unforgettable and part of that was having Ruddell at my side to answer my many questions and alert me to the highlights of the celebration. I did not buy anything from him this weekend, we never looked at his jewelry; instead. I found this pin/pendant at Ray's Trading Company here in Gallup, one of my favorite hangouts and places to buy. I also bought a 2nd piece which I may blog a little later. At one point this weekend as Ruddell and I watched the Zuni Kachinas, I briefly told him of my last Hopi buying trip. He said "Hopi silverwork just blows me away." Wow, what a note of praise considering it comes from one of the best Zuni jewelry artisans of all time. Priceless? Well, no this serpent jewelry pin pendant with all it's mystical appeal comes at cost of only $549.