Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Best in Western Wear

La Fonda Hotel at the very terminus of the Old Santa Fe Trail has long been a favorite lodging choice in New Mexico. It vibrates with history and charm and it draws me in on many of my frequent trips to Santa Fe. It's an ideal focal point for any cowboy who wants to get outfitted in high Western fashion. O'Farrell's hattery is just across the street is my number one choice in felt hat, but it does take a fat wad of $100 bills to get a custom fit O'Farrell atop your head; the designs are options are unbeatable. I also love looking over their huge selection of hatbands, many are Native American handcrafted. Across the street within the walls of La Fonda is my favorite belt shop, Tom Taylor. In Gallup you can find many a good buckle, but good leather belts are just not there. But Tom Taylor has it all. They sell well crafted elegant buckles from a number of places, but currently their sole supplier of Native American choices are from the BG Mudd Company located in Gallup. BG Mudd employees Navajo and Zuni artisans who make spectacular pure sterling and inlay buckles. You can see a good overview at their website: If you like to shop the best in Western wear these two places are must-stops in Santa Fe.