Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Count the Tommy Singers

When I started the jewelry business, the name that stood out was Tommy Singer. I went searching first hand through the maze of jewelry dealers here in Gallup (later Albuquerque then Santa Fe) only to be told in various versions, "No, we don't carry Tommy Singer, he doesn't really do his own work." I began to understand that behind that criticism was a man who was not always easy to work with. Then one day I ran across a dealer here in Gallup who had a good stock of Tommy Singer products. The dealer told me that when Tommy calls, no matter what time, he goes to store, meets Tommy, and buys all he has to offer. He added that he is very careful not to offend him. Tommy's necklace's are very popular and knockoffs are bountiful. The true Tommy Singer necklaces carry a small metal tab with his name. He has a number of other products. We sell his belt buckles about as fast as we can list them. Tommy does indeed have employees who help him produce his much-in-demand jewelry. I'm sure he needs the assistance for he is widely considered one of the greatest contemporary Indian jewelry silversmiths of our time. You are correct if you counted 12 necklaces.