Monday, January 14, 2008

Harry Morgan Jewelry Boxes

Harry Morgan was the most notable of living Navajo silversmiths until his death last summer. His name lives in his spectacular work now widely distributed in private collections and museums. One of the local silversmiths told me that he had called Harry from the Heard Museum in Phoenix and encouraged him to come down to look at the works of his they had on display. Harry said, "I know what all that looks like, I'm staying put to make more jewelry." I have not been able to corroborate the information, but I understand that it was Robert Redford who really gave Harry a boost in choosing him for doing the silver work for some movie sets. This past weekend I found two of his jewelry boxes and a set of cowboy spurs at Joe Milo's Trading Company on the way to Zuni. I bought only one, but decided to go back for the other one today. It is unusual to find Harry's work for sale now. I asked about the spurs, but as of today they were not for sale. And I almost forgot, I also had the good fortune to snag a ranger buckle set in 14K gold, #8 turquoise, and sterling silver, once again by Harry Morgan. I just wonder if Robert Redford has one just as covet worthy?