Monday, January 28, 2008

Find of the Year

I entered the Native American jewelry business less than a year ago, but I think I just found a piece to celebrate as my find of the year. And you might know it's a Harry Morgan masterwork. The belt is not new. It's hard to tell from the buckle itself, but the 36 inch ranger belt leather shows modest evidence of wear. I joyfully discovered the belt sitting along with some other Harry Morgan pieces and presumed it was new until after I bought it and began a careful inspection. It's 14K gold and sterling silver. The 7 cabachons are high value spiderweb matrix turquoise from the now closed Lone Mountain mine in Nevada. This buckle has it all, gold, silver, gem quality turquoise, and the hallmark of it's master maker. I wish I knew the whole history.

addendum 1/31/08: I went back to the trader who sold me the above belt. He bought it for himself directly from Harry Morgan and wore it for awhile then decided to put it up for sale along with some other items by Harry.