Friday, January 25, 2008

Harry Morgan's Unfinished Gift

Imagine my delight when Robert Chee showed up to personally meet me today. As I often note, he is one of my favorite silversmiths and a cousin of Harry Morgan's. They chummed as teens and both supported themselves doing silversmithing. Mr. Chee is a quiet man so I was reserved and careful not to ask too many questions. His work is exceptional, but he does not produce canteens, jewelry boxes, and other more complex items Harry excelled at making. Nonetheless, his bracelets, buckles, rings, and pendants done in the old style are all Morgan equivalents. Mr. Chee wanted to know of me what items were selling best and which ones are proving slow to move. I bought all 8 pieces he brought which included the three buckles show here. When he got up I asked him if he had made the belt buckle he was wearing. He said, "No, it was a gift to me from Harry." He smiled in an amused sort of way as he continued, "he was supposed to make the rest of the pieces for me [to complete the ranger set-- it needed the keepers and the belt tip], but he never did." Harry is gone so he can't now; nonetheless, it was a beautiful buckle and a gift to be cherished. I regret that I never met Mr. Morgan, but I am very honored to have met Mr. Robert Chee.