Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trout Fishing

Yesterday's blog post gives a web reference leading to information on Dennis & Nancy Edaakie. There I saw a picture of a speckled trout bola tie and decided to go fishing for one. About mid morning Sandy and I packed a picnic lunch and headed South under a beautiful Western sky looking for trout on the reservation lands. We first stopped at Joe Milo's Trading Company, one of my favorite dealers, on the highway to Zuni. I looked, but did not find trout; nonetheless, we did find two Harry Morgan jewelry masterworks. Since Harry passed away this summer his work has become very difficult to find. It is all collector worthy and now escalating in value. We travelled another 25 miles down the road to visit some Zuni shops where I finally found a little inlay trout on one of Sammy & Esther Guardian's belt buckles! In the image above you can see the little trout just below the finally detailed bear. We had a wonderful day and came home with at least two dozen pieces of very high quality jewelry. I will have to initiate a request for some trout work from Dennis & Nancy Edaakie via a wholesaler who they deal with regularly. Now that cell phones are so pervasive on both reservations (Navajo and Zuni), it is much easier to request an order.