Monday, May 28, 2012

Rose Pacheco's Affordable Traditional Pueblo Pottery

Traditional Kewa Pottery by Rose Pacheco
Rose Pacheco of the Kewa Pueblo (formerly known as and still widely referred to as the Santo Domingo Pueblo) is a traditional potter; her wares are hand-coiled from locally gathered clays, decorated with popular centuries old animal and floral motifs with natural paints derived from area plants applied by yucca brush and then finally pit fired outdoors.   An egg white coating followed a vegetable oil imbues the work with the final soft sheen.    Hers is a centuries old labor intense method of crafting pottery which usually means high price tags, but Rose's excellent signed artistic pottery is surprisingly affordable.   The small 3 1/2 bowls pictured above currently retail for about $24 each, the 5 inch bowls for $40.