Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Damaged Pot

Mata Ortiz Pot by Miguel Ch
I pulled out this great little 5 inch Paquime-patterned pot to photograph today.  Its egg shaped roundness precluded stable vertical or horizontal positioning; so, I balanced the pot on one side with a small segment of loosely adhering white artist tape to achieve my desired picture of Miguel Ch's etched signature on the bottom surface.   In removing the artist's tape I immediately suffered a sharp pang of guilt laced with regret in seeing the damage I had wrought.  I love traditional pots, but they really must be respected and treated with great care as one would a cherished drawing or painting.   This little pot with a pre-damage retail value of $120.00 will now become part of my private collection, but with damaged surface point facing the wall out of sight.

Damaged Art Work on Mata Ortiz Pot