Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jemez Polychrome Vase by Natalie Sandia

Jemez Feather, Flower, and Wave Motif Polychrome Vase by Natalie Sandia
The Jemez Pueblo abandoned traditional pottery production following the depredations of  Spanish conquest. In the era beyond 1700 the tribe produced some coarse utilitarian pottery, but mainly relied on imported pottery from the nearby Zia pueblo. Some of the best examples of old Zia vessels have been found at Jemez. The Southwest tourist heyday of the 20's and 30's influenced a resurgence of decorative Jemez pottery, but the work was stylistically inferior to that of nearby neighboring pueblos like Zia, Santo Domingo, and San Ildelfonso. Their definitive competitive resurgence started in the last quarter of the 20th century. Today, artisans like Natalie Sandia and her mother Geraldine produce great work that has helped distinguish the Jemez Native American community as one of the most prolific and innovative contemporary pueblo potter production centers.