Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tommy Singer -- A Jewelry Brand Name

Peyote Bird , Tommy Singer, circa 1960's
Tommy Singer distinguished himself as an innovative silversmith in the 1960's when he set scrap stone chips on sterling silver.   The peyote bird inlaid with red coral and turquoise chips illustrates one of his early works.  This pioneering inlay technique thrust the name Tommy Singer into the limelight, but it has been his entrepreneurial manufacturing and marketing that has turned his name brand into the most widely recognized in Native American jewelry throughout the world. He employs family members to help him in jewelry production, but to this day he travels widely within the region to personally market his jewelry products.  The pueblo style bead necklace, and the silver overlay belt buckle and pendant shown below represent examples of his more recent work.

Jewelry by Tommy Singer , circa 2012