Monday, December 31, 2007

Wilford's Wife Becomes Buyer & Business Partner

My wife and I suffered through one business failure in Santa Fe, NM a couple of years ago so she was very much against another business venture. As a result, I was left alone to start Wilford's Trading Post, but gradually she came on board and now she cannot contain her enthusiasm. It's nice to have the help now. I particularly appreciate her expertise especially given her artistic background--she has Master degrees in Fine Arts and Education and currently teaches both art and music in the Gallup Public School System, nearly 100% of her students (preschool through 5th grade) are Native American, mostly Navajo. In our wholesale shopping this past week, she locked in on a Sammy Smith micro-inlay necklace which she describes as an excellent work of art. I posted it on Ebay tonight as Item number: 360010200838.
Over the next few months we plan on increasing our offerings substantially and we will continue to feature some of the best known Native American Jewelry artists. Sammy Smith is noted for his excellence as a micro-inlayer.
There is another Sammy Smith in town. He is a fetish carver, I have one or two of his pieces up on the site.