Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pecan Pie and Lab Opal

The acquisition of Ebay Item number: 360009444097) began with a seasonally appropriate pecan pie freshly baked right in our home kitchen for gift delivery to Sunrise Jewelry. December tends to be slow in the business so I had firmly resolved not to come home with any jewelry piece. Solomon showed me a few new creations and I shrugged, but when he showed me the opal dazzler I bit the hook. He also showed me the rather drab block from which the glittering synthetic opal pieces were cut. Lab opal as I understand it is superior to most of the naturally found products (colors and stabilty) and involves a long, tedious process to produce in the lab. The opal in this necklace sells in raw block form for $1000 a pound. About $100 of the raw opal went into producing this necklace. All the work is individually done, but as soon as the opal piece sells, I'll put in for another similar one.

For new style Native American Jewelry, Sunrise Jewelry does the best work by far in my view. But what I appreciate most is the education I receive every time I visit.