Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Master Silversmith Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez (Navajo) is something of newcommer on the block here in Gallup. He's been silversmithing for a half-dozen years and marketing his work through merchants in Santa Fe & Albuquerque even though he lives just outside of Gallup. One of my wholesaler friends met him at the prestigous annual Native American Treasures Arts Festival in Santa Fe and persuaded him to market some of his items through her trading company. That's where I first met Alex and was introduced to his rather unique work superbly crafted with a mix of old vintage technique bursting with Native American symbols and yet ignited by contemporary flair. I cannot think of any other artist who compares. There is but a hint in the image above, but Alex dutifully stamps the back of his pieces with decorative imprints. This year I made sure to drop by his booth in Santa Fe; he was having a very good day. Alex is a fairly young man, I expect him to have many good days ahead and to see his name one day in our own sidewalk hall of fame if we ever get one. At any rate this man's work is highly collectible, very reasonably priced considering the top-of-the-line quality and unique individual design of each piece. It is worthy of any museum that honors Native American Jewelry. We at Wilford's are exceedingly proud to be promoting Alex's fine art.