Saturday, October 27, 2012

Micaceous Pots by George Garcia

Glittery flecks of mica are found in many natural clay deposits in the Rio Grande region of Northern New Mexico.    This sparkling clay has been used by Native Americans of the region as far back as 1300 AD.  When properly cured,  mica vessels can be used for cooking, but are now more commonly collected as decor items readily recognized by their distinctive sheen.  George Gonzales, a Native American potter from Northern New Mexico,  says of his work,  "With my hands I take my Mother Earth and give her shape. The heat from my Father, the sun, gives her life and the rainbow of my New Mexico sunset gives color to her child. Every piece I make is a piece not taken away but placed in my life and with the blessing of the Great Spirit I live.  The clay tells you what it wants you to do with it.You create the shape with each coil. It is more personal when you make a pot that can sit on its own without any decoration. Then you have something."