Saturday, April 14, 2012

San Ildelfonso Today

Sandy and I decided to drive back to the Pueblo of San Ildelfonso this morning since it was closed to non-Indians on our last attempt. Today, the weather was brutally windy; nonetheless, we had a pleasant outing and found the Pueblo residents most welcoming.  The pueblo contains adobe buildings, a ceremonial kiva, a large central plaza, and a 1905 church built on the remains of a 17th-century mission church. San Ildefonso is famous for the technique of producing matte and polished black-on-black pottery popularized in the early 20th century by Maria and Julian Martinez. I acquired the 2 x 3 inch serpent-themed pottery vase pictured below at a pueblo shop owned and run by two well known traditional potters, Alfred Aguilar and his son.
San Ildelfonso Pueblo Pottery Vase by Alfred Aguilar, circa 2012

Church at the San Ildelfonso Pueblo