Thursday, February 16, 2012

1st Piece for Wilford's Backroom

Artists:  Clayton Tom, inlay / Calvin Begay, silversmith
About a year ago while still in firm resolve not to buy any inventory until I had a plan for launching Wilford's Backroom, I stumbled across this freshly minted, modern Navajo pendant.   The chief attraction to me was the stone of jasper on the bottom which was carefully mined from a large block after much searching and many cuts to obtain a suitable sliver with a linear array needed for the intended effect.   The cut of stone was shaped in rounded thickness to rise 1 to 2 millimeters in repousse fashion.   The meticulous micro-inlay on these pieces takes two to three days.   Each stone fragment is individually cut then cemented with a modern jewelers epoxy.  The stones on this work include, lab opal, jasper, black Acoma jet, and red coral.  The stars are made from end piece slices of sterling silver wire.    The reverse side of this 3 inch pendant is shown below.   Price $1495.