Friday, July 2, 2010

Bronze Loon by Carol Naranjo

Carol Naranjo, who hails from the Old Laguna Pueblo, created this refreshingly unique necklace. The centerpiece loon was made from bronze cast in volcanic tufa. The beads are composed of pie jasper and black agate. She is best known as an artist, not for her sublime jewelry creations, but for her award-commanding red willow and pine needle baskets. Sandy and I met her for the first time at the annual Native Teasures Art Show in Santa Fe this year. I was so attracted to this necklace that I did not take note of any baskets on her table, surely she must have had them close by or perhaps when we arrived near closing they had all been sold. Baskets are her first artistic love as she reveals in this quote, “I guess you would say I have a passion for these baskets; I wish I could go back and have a lifetime of doing this. I get a sad feeling because I have to go through the whole summer without contact with willows.” In the future I'll be looking not only for her innovative jewelry but also for her baskets. Price of necklace $325.