Friday, June 11, 2010

The Allure of Tʼiistsʼóóz Ńdeeshgizh

Roadway into Crownpoint
Tʼiistsʼóóz Ńdeeshgizh is a census-designated place on the East side of the Navajo Nation. This community commonly known as Crownpoint, New Mexico is not photogenic, but the surrounding landscape vistas delight the eye in raw and primitive beauty. With the exception of the second Friday of each month, Crownpoint is rarely a point of destination for outsiders. Since 1968, the Crownpoint Rug Weaver's Association has hosted one of New Mexico's grand cultural events, the Friday night Navajo rug auction which attracts bidders from around the world who converge with weavers throughout the Navajo Nation in the Crownpoint elementary school gymnasium. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase rugs via auction directly from weavers who receive 85% of their rug's selling price payable immediately on completion of the auction. Sandy and I attended for the first time tonight. Our joy of participation is now visibly manifest as 27 rugs strewn about our living room and we are already contemplating return trips.

Cave-studded sandstone mountain landscape near Crownpoint