Sunday, January 11, 2009

Splendid Red Bear Coral Choker

Sandy loves the occsional call from Ruddell Laconsello announcing that he has another ‘show stopper’, one of a kind jewelry piece that he will complete in the next few hours; he then invariably follows, "Will Wilford be interested in it?" I am of course always interested in the Laconsello's work which I regard as the creme' de la creme' of American Indian Jewely. I am particularly interested in unique pieces, one-of-a-kind treasures such as this coral bear choker. It doesn't take long for Ruddel to drive up from Zuni and knock on the door with a satisified artist grin on his face and prize in hand. If you've followed this blog you will recall we bought the couple's prize winning concho belt at this year's Santa Fe Market. Even at $10,000 it did not rest on our inventory shelf longer than a week. The Red Bear Coral Choker master work is only 16” in length, a nice choker size, with the center inlay pendant flanked by two side pieces. Ruddell noted that the design also has a Rococco style embellishment in the clouds and water above and below the bear. The bear's image began with the eye, then silver was laid in for the ‘heartline’ (with red arrow point). The bear was then completed with coordinated shades of red coral pieces. To complete the piece, he used beads which are handmade and fluted. The clasp is the final detail which cleverly compliments the rest of the choker. The large hook and eye clasp each have a heart motif.
We are proud to have acquired this masterwork for sale. Cost $849.