Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bev Etsate's Grand Ram Dancer Kachina Bolo Tie

Here is a fine example of a very prominent bolo tie again showing stone on stone in a silver casing. You will find no tortoise shell in this newly minted master work, the black background is Acoma Jet, the other stones, include white and yellow tipped mother-of-pearl, sleeping beauty turquoise, and red coral. It's hard to see in this image but this Ram Kachina has a nifty sterling silver wrist adornment compete with tiny cabochons of turquoise and red coral. The main piece measures 5 3/4 by 2 5/8 inches. You might be more comfortable with this work on shelf display, but it certainly shouts to be worn on special occasions, particularly here in the heart of bolo tie country where the bolo has been declared the office necktie of both Arizona and New Mexico. The cost of this bolo is $1500. A 1970's vintage piece by her Mother and Father will cost at least twice as much if you can find one.