Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Show

The silversmith who I was supposed to meet over lunch yesterday did not show, so I'll try to contact him and reschedule.

Meanwhile, I stopped at Nizhoni Trading Company to pickup a few Doris Smallcanyon treasures I had requested through Carlos, the owner. Doris lives south of town on the scenic road toward the Zuni reservation. I understand that she works with only a limited number of dealers and Carlos is one.

Carlos is always happy to see me. He sold me my first paper sack of jewelry when I decided to give this business a try. When I brought the sac home, my wife asked what I had in hand. I replied, "Oh it's our new business." It was about $1400 in wholesale goods from Carlos. He's quick to remind me that I didn't know much of anything about the jewelry the day I first came in.

I also picked up a high class horse theme concho belt, but it will take a few days to get up. Photographing, digitally preparing in Photoshop, and finally getting the information on Ebay are major rate limiting steps. I am seriously behind so I am to limit my inventory buying, but it is difficult to restrain myself, because that is the fun part of this business.